How To Install prod.keys & title.keys On Yuzu Emulator and Fix “Encryption keys are missing” Error

The Yuzu emulator has opened up exciting possibilities for Nintendo Switch gaming enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy their favourite games on their computers. However, one common hurdle that users encounter is the “Encryption keys are missing” error.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to install the necessary “prod.keys” and “title.keys” files to resolve this issue and get your Yuzu emulator up and running smoothly.

How to Fix “Encryption keys are missing” Error on Yuzu

Step 1: Download the “” File

To begin, you’ll need to download the “” file, which contains the essential “prod.keys” and “title.keys” files. You can download them from the link below.

Step 2: Launch the Yuzu Emulator

Now that you have the key files ready, it’s time to launch the Yuzu emulator. Ensure that you have the emulator installed on your computer.

Step 3: Access the Yuzu Directory

Inside the Yuzu emulator, navigate to the “File” option located in the menu bar. Click on it, and a dropdown menu will appear.

Step 4: Open the Yuzu Folder

From the dropdown menu, select “Open Yuzu Folder.” This action will open the directory where Yuzu stores its configuration files and settings.

Step 5: Locate the “keys” Folder

Within the Yuzu directory, you’ll find various folders and files. Look for the “keys” folder; this is where you’ll place the “prod.keys” and “title.keys” files.

Step 6: Paste the Key Files

Copy the “prod.keys” and “title.keys” files that you extracted from the “” file and paste them into the “keys” folder within the Yuzu directory.

Step 7: Restart the Emulator

With the key files now in place, close and restart the Yuzu emulator. This step is crucial for the emulator to recognize the newly added keys.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Games

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed the necessary “prod.keys” and “title.keys” files on the Yuzu emulator. As a result, you can now enjoy playing your favourite Nintendo Switch games without encountering the “Encryption keys are missing” error.

Please note that downloading and using keys for the Yuzu emulator should only be done with legally obtained game copies for backup or emulation purposes. Ensure that you respect copyright and licensing laws when using emulators and game files.

By following these simple steps, you can enhance your Yuzu emulator experience and dive into the exciting world of Nintendo Switch gaming on your computer. Happy gaming!

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