Industry Expert Anticipates Nintendo’s Iterative Leap with Switch 2 in 2024

In a recent discussion held by the Games Industry, renowned analyst Dr. Serkan Toto from Kantan Games shared intriguing insights into what the gaming community can expect from Nintendo in 2024. Toto, a seasoned authority in the field, confidently predicts that the highly-anticipated successor to the Nintendo Switch, tentatively dubbed “Switch 2,” is poised for release later this year.

However, what sets Toto’s forecast apart is his assertion that the upcoming console will be more of an evolution than a revolution, challenging conventional expectations.

Dr. Toto’s Vision for 2024

While speculation has been rife about a potential “Pro” model, Dr. Toto claims that the groundwork for the Switch 2 is already underway, with select developers actively engaged with the system’s developmental kit. According to his projections, consumers can anticipate a price point of around $400 for the new hardware, marking a strategic positioning in the competitive gaming market.

Not Just a Console, an Iteration

In a departure from the widespread anticipation of groundbreaking features, Dr. Toto emphasizes that the Switch 2 will not stray far from its predecessor’s successful formula. Despite some anticipated enhancements and additions, the analyst asserts that Nintendo is likely to maintain the core essence of the current Switch, ensuring a seamless transition for existing users.

The Pricing Conundrum

In a potentially transformative move, Dr. Toto foresees a shift in the pricing dynamics of Nintendo games. He suggests that the cost of games could see an increase to $70, a development that may have ripple effects across the gaming landscape. This shift, if realized, could reshape industry standards and raise questions about the perceived value of premium gaming experiences.

The Unwavering Portability Factor

Crucially, Dr. Toto underlines the significance of Nintendo’s commitment to handheld gaming, especially with the enduring popularity of Pokémon. With handheld gaming ingrained in the DNA of the company’s successes, Toto dismisses any notion that Nintendo would forsake the portability feature, assuring fans that the next iteration will seamlessly blend innovation with familiarity.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits official announcements from Nintendo, Dr. Serkan Toto’s insights offer a compelling glimpse into what the future holds for the iconic gaming console. In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, Nintendo’s strategic choice to iterate rather than revolutionize is a bold testament to the brand’s confidence in its unique gaming philosophy.


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