Kevin Afghani, the Voice Behind Mario, Reflects on a Year of Unbelievable Dreams and Overwhelming Support

In a heartwarming revelation, Kevin Afghani, the talented voice actor behind the iconic characters Mario and Luigi, recently took to the spotlight to share the profound impact of his journey over the past year. In a heartfelt message posted on X, Afghani expressed that the reality of the past twelve months has far exceeded his wildest expectations, stating that he feels as though he has

lived a lifetime’s worth of dreams in a year.

Kevin Afghani

This revelation comes in the wake of his stellar debut in the enchanted realm of Super Mario Bros.

Afghani, who stepped into the shoes of the beloved Mario brothers, recounted the emotional rollercoaster of becoming a pivotal part of the Super Mario universe. His gratitude was palpable as he acknowledged the unwavering support from fans that has played a significant role in making his journey even more extraordinary.

The actor’s emotional connection with the characters was evident, and fans of the Super Mario franchise can undoubtedly look forward to more stellar performances from Afghani as he continues to breathe life into the beloved plumbers. As the Mario legacy evolves, Kevin Afghani stands poised to etch his name alongside the greats who have brought joy and magic to millions around the world.

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