Download All Ryujinx Firmware (Switch Firmware)

If you’re looking to enjoy Nintendo Switch games on your PC or computer using the Ryujinx Emulator, you’ll need the Ryujinx Firmware along with Prod keys and Title Keys, all of which can be conveniently and swiftly downloaded from our website.

What is Ryujinx?

Ryujinx is a remarkable free and open-source Nintendo Switch emulator that empowers users to play Nintendo Switch video games on a variety of platforms, including PC/Windows, Linux, and macOS. Its development journey began in 2018 and has been continually advancing thanks to a dedicated group of Ryujinx emulator developers.

Ryujinx Emulator is purpose-built to emulate the Nintendo Switch’s software and hardware environment, making it possible to run games originally designed for the Switch console. It boasts compatibility with a wide array of Nintendo Switch games, although not all titles are fully functional due to compatibility challenges and technical limitations.

The Ryujinx emulator is constructed atop the .NET Core framework and utilizes OpenGL for rendering graphics. It offers numerous features such as save states, game controller support, online multiplayer, and custom shader support.

What is Ryujinx Firmware?

Ryujinx Firmware is a software file designed to replicate the functionality of the Nintendo Switch console’s firmware on a PC.

It creates a virtual environment that mirrors the console’s operations on your operating system, enabling seamless gameplay of Switch titles on your PC, utilizing your computer’s hardware capabilities for an immersive gaming experience.

Download Yuzu Firmware (Global) v16.1.0 and older

Firmware 1.0.0-7 (Pre-Release).7z06-Sep-2020 20:19368.1M
Firmware 1.0.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:16240.4M
Firmware 10.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:12314.0M
Firmware 10.0.1.zip08-Sep-2020 18:14314.0M
Firmware 10.0.2.zip08-Sep-2020 18:16314.0M
Firmware 10.0.3.zip08-Sep-2020 18:18314.0M
Firmware 10.0.4.zip08-Sep-2020 18:21314.0M
Firmware 10.1.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:43314.2M
Firmware 10.2.0.zip16-Sep-2020 17:03314.2M
Firmware 11.0.0.zip09-Dec-2020 13:42316.8M
Firmware 11.0.1 (Rebootless Update).zip14-Apr-2021 15:31316.8M
Firmware 11.0.1.zip16-Dec-2020 18:04316.8M
Firmware 12.0.0.zip14-Apr-2021 15:32317.0M
Firmware 12.0.1.zip20-Apr-2021 21:11317.0M
Firmware 12.0.2.zip17-May-2021 15:18317.0M
Firmware 12.0.3.zip14-Jun-2021 20:48317.0M
Firmware 12.1.0.zip09-Jul-2021 14:27317.9M
Firmware 13.0.0.zip20-Sep-2021 17:41319.8M
Firmware 13.1.0.zip27-Oct-2021 20:22320.2M
Firmware 13.2.0.zip02-Dec-2021 21:10320.2M
Firmware 13.2.1.zip20-Jan-2022 22:52320.2M
Firmware 14.0.0.zip23-Mar-2022 21:26320.6M
Firmware 14.1.0.zip05-Apr-2022 18:19320.6M
Firmware 14.1.1.zip19-Apr-2022 17:32320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 2).zip15-Sep-2022 16:39320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 3).zip15-Sep-2022 16:42320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update).zip29-Jun-2022 17:35320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2.zip14-Jun-2022 17:16320.6M
Firmware 15.0.0.zip11-Oct-2022 11:55322.2M
Firmware 15.0.1 (Rebootless Update).zip10-Jan-2023 12:14322.2M
Firmware 15.0.1.zip10-Jan-2023 12:15322.2M
Firmware 16.0.0.zip27-Feb-2023 20:44325.0M
Firmware 16.0.1.zip23-Mar-2023 19:57325.0M
Firmware 16.0.2.zip21-Apr-2023 12:53325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update 2).zip09-Jul-2023 21:13325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update).zip30-May-2023 22:09325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3.zip15-May-2023 08:56325.0M
Firmware 16.1.0.zip26-Aug-2023 13:59325.5M
Firmware 2.0.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:20242.7M
Firmware 2.1.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:22242.7M
Firmware 2.2.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:24242.8M
Firmware 2.3.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:25242.8M
Firmware 3.0.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:27252.6M
Firmware 3.0.1.zip06-Sep-2020 20:29252.6M
Firmware 3.0.2.zip06-Sep-2020 20:30252.7M
Firmware 4.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:48291.6M
Firmware 4.0.1.zip06-Sep-2020 20:34270.9M
Firmware 4.1.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:35270.9M
Firmware 5.0.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:37260.0M
Firmware 5.0.1.zip06-Sep-2020 20:39260.1M
Firmware 5.0.2.zip06-Sep-2020 20:41260.1M
Firmware 5.1.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:42261.3M
Firmware 6.0.0 (Pre-release).zip06-Sep-2020 20:44263.4M
Firmware 6.0.0 (Release).zip06-Sep-2020 20:46263.5M
Firmware 6.0.1.zip06-Sep-2020 20:48263.5M
Firmware 6.1.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:53263.7M
Firmware 6.2.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:50284.4M
Firmware 7.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:52266.3M
Firmware 7.0.1.zip08-Sep-2020 17:55266.3M
Firmware 8.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:57291.0M
Firmware 8.0.1.zip08-Sep-2020 17:59291.0M
Firmware 8.1.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:01291.0M
Firmware 8.1.1.zip08-Sep-2020 17:45284.9M
Firmware 9.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:03314.5M
Firmware 9.0.1.zip08-Sep-2020 18:05314.5M
Firmware 9.1.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:08314.6M
Firmware 9.2.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:10314.6M

Download Yuzu Firmware (China) v16.1.0 and older

Firmware 10.1.1.zip06-Sep-2020 21:29314.2M
Firmware 10.2.0.zip16-Sep-2020 17:15314.2M
Firmware 11.0.0.zip09-Dec-2020 13:47316.8M
Firmware 11.0.1 (Rebootless Update).zip14-Apr-2021 15:27316.8M
Firmware 11.0.1.zip16-Dec-2020 18:13316.8M
Firmware 13.2.1.zip23-Jan-2022 15:09320.2M
Firmware 14.0.0.zip23-Mar-2022 21:23320.6M
Firmware 14.1.0.zip05-Apr-2022 18:25320.6M
Firmware 14.1.1.zip19-Apr-2022 17:37320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 2).zip15-Sep-2022 16:45320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 3).zip15-Sep-2022 16:47320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update).zip29-Jun-2022 17:37320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2.zip14-Jun-2022 17:20320.6M
Firmware 15.0.0.zip11-Oct-2022 11:59322.2M
Firmware 15.0.1 (Rebootless Update).zip10-Jan-2023 12:19322.2M
Firmware 15.0.1.zip10-Jan-2023 12:20322.2M
Firmware 16.0.0.zip27-Feb-2023 20:47325.0M
Firmware 16.0.1.zip23-Mar-2023 20:00325.0M
Firmware 16.0.2.zip21-Apr-2023 12:45325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update 2).zip09-Jul-2023 21:19325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update).zip30-May-2023 22:04325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3.zip15-May-2023 09:07325.0M
Firmware 16.1.0.zip26-Aug-2023 14:05325.5M

How to Install Yuzu Firmware, Prod Keys & Title Keys (Video Tutorial)

How to Install Yuzu Firmware, Prod Keys & Title Keys (Step-by-Step Guide)

1. Download and extract the latest version of Ryujinx Prod.keys and Title.keys.rar files using WinRAR or any RAR file extractor tool to obtain Ryujinx Prod.keys and Title.keys files.

prod keys title keys installation step 1

2. Open Ryujinx Emulator.

prod keys title keys installation step 2

3. Click on the “OK” option.

prod keys title keys installation step 3

4. Go to “File” and click on “Open Ryujinx Folder” option.

prod keys title keys installation step 4

5. Open the “system” folder.

prod keys title keys installation step 5

6. Open the “Keys” Folder (Extracted from the Ryujinx Keys.rar archive file).

prod keys title keys installation step 6

7. Select “prod.keys” and “title.keys” files and move them to the Ryujinx system folder.

prod keys title keys installation step 7

8. Close the system folder tab.

prod keys title keys installation step 8

9. Go to “Tools” and click on “Install Firmware” and then select “Install a Firmware from XCI or ZIP” option.

prod keys title keys installation step 9

10. Choose the latest version file and click on the “Open” button.

prod keys title keys installation step 10

11. Click on the “Yes” option to Install Firmware on the Ryujinx Emulator.

prod keys title keys installation step 11

12. After the Firmware is successfully installed, click on the “OK” button.

prod keys title keys installation step 12

13. Close the Ryujinx Emulator.

prod keys title keys installation step 13

14. Open Ryujinx Emulator again to confirm if the keys and firmware are working correctly on the Ryujinx emulator.

prod keys title keys installation step 14

15. You’ll find that Prod.keys, Title.keys, and Firmware are successfully functioning on the Ryujinx emulator, allowing you to enjoy your gaming experience.

prod keys title keys installation step 15

If you encounter any issues during the installation process, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below, and we will provide assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Ryujinx offer for gamers?

Ryujinx provides a virtual alternative to the Nintendo Switch, enabling you to enjoy all your favorite games on your PC, both in single-player and multiplayer modes.

Do I need to update the firmware to play?

While you can play with the older firmware, the latest firmware typically comes with numerous enhancements and improvements.

How can I play with mouse and keyboard controls?

Mouse controls are not currently supported. However, you can use third-party tools like mouse2joy or reWASD, although most users prefer controller gyro support.

How can I lower the resolution?

You can disable docked mode or set a custom resolution multiplier like 0.75 or 0.75 (depending on your system’s language) to reduce the resolution.

What are the system requirements for Ryujinx on Windows?

The minimum system requirements for Windows include:

Operating System: Windows 10 or 11
Hard Disk Drive: At least 110MB for the installation
GPU: Supports OpenGL 4.5 or higher, or Vulkan

Is Ryujinx available for Android?

No, currently Ryujinx is exclusively available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms.

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