Super Mario Wonder Team’s Exclusive Interview Unveils Yoshi’s Original Egg Mechanic Plans

In an exclusive interview featured in the renowned Japanese gaming magazine, Weekly Famitsu, Shiro Mouri, the director behind the widely acclaimed Super Mario Bros. Wonder, provided intriguing insights into the game’s character development process. Among the revelations, Mouri disclosed that the beloved character Yoshi was initially intended to feature his iconic egg-throwing mechanic.

This detail, however, was altered during the game’s prototype phase as the development team found it to be less user-friendly and opted for the invincibility option instead. Both Nabbit and Yoshi now share this unique trait, ensuring they remain impervious to enemy attacks, albeit at the cost of using the game’s power-ups.

Mouri elaborated on the decision, stating,

As for Yoshi’s actions, I thought it would be better if he could throw eggs, so we tried to create a prototype and test it. However, it became hard to control, and to let first-time-players have fun, we decided the current way was the best.

The interview sheds light on the meticulous design choices made by the Super Mario Wonder team to enhance the overall gaming experience, offering enthusiasts a fascinating glimpse into the creative process behind this iconic title.


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