Download All Yuzu Firmware (Switch Firmware)

If you wish to enjoy Nintendo Switch games on your PC or computer using the Yuzu Emulator, you’ll need the Yuzu Firmware along with Prod keys and Title Keys. You can conveniently download these essential files from our website.

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a free and open-source Nintendo Switch Emulator that allows users to play Nintendo Switch games on their PCs. It’s meticulously crafted to emulate the Nintendo Switch video game console’s hardware, enabling PC-based gameplay without the need for the actual console.

Yuzu Emulator is developed by the same team responsible for the Citra 3DS emulator. While it’s still in its early stages of development, constant updates are being made to enhance compatibility and performance, providing users with an improved experience.

Understanding Yuzu Firmware

Yuzu Firmware is a program and software file that replicates the Nintendo Switch’s hardware and software environment. Thanks to its advanced capabilities, it lets you play a wide variety of video games on your personal computer with exceptional graphics and smooth gameplay, mirroring the Switch’s operating system.

Download Yuzu Firmware (Global) v16.1.0 and older

Firmware 1.0.0-7 (Pre-Release).7z06-Sep-2020 20:19368.1M
Firmware 1.0.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:16240.4M
Firmware 10.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:12314.0M
Firmware 10.0.1.zip08-Sep-2020 18:14314.0M
Firmware 10.0.2.zip08-Sep-2020 18:16314.0M
Firmware 10.0.3.zip08-Sep-2020 18:18314.0M
Firmware 10.0.4.zip08-Sep-2020 18:21314.0M
Firmware 10.1.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:43314.2M
Firmware 10.2.0.zip16-Sep-2020 17:03314.2M
Firmware 11.0.0.zip09-Dec-2020 13:42316.8M
Firmware 11.0.1 (Rebootless Update).zip14-Apr-2021 15:31316.8M
Firmware 11.0.1.zip16-Dec-2020 18:04316.8M
Firmware 12.0.0.zip14-Apr-2021 15:32317.0M
Firmware 12.0.1.zip20-Apr-2021 21:11317.0M
Firmware 12.0.2.zip17-May-2021 15:18317.0M
Firmware 12.0.3.zip14-Jun-2021 20:48317.0M
Firmware 12.1.0.zip09-Jul-2021 14:27317.9M
Firmware 13.0.0.zip20-Sep-2021 17:41319.8M
Firmware 13.1.0.zip27-Oct-2021 20:22320.2M
Firmware 13.2.0.zip02-Dec-2021 21:10320.2M
Firmware 13.2.1.zip20-Jan-2022 22:52320.2M
Firmware 14.0.0.zip23-Mar-2022 21:26320.6M
Firmware 14.1.0.zip05-Apr-2022 18:19320.6M
Firmware 14.1.1.zip19-Apr-2022 17:32320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 2).zip15-Sep-2022 16:39320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 3).zip15-Sep-2022 16:42320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update).zip29-Jun-2022 17:35320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2.zip14-Jun-2022 17:16320.6M
Firmware 15.0.0.zip11-Oct-2022 11:55322.2M
Firmware 15.0.1 (Rebootless Update).zip10-Jan-2023 12:14322.2M
Firmware 15.0.1.zip10-Jan-2023 12:15322.2M
Firmware 16.0.0.zip27-Feb-2023 20:44325.0M
Firmware 16.0.1.zip23-Mar-2023 19:57325.0M
Firmware 16.0.2.zip21-Apr-2023 12:53325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update 2).zip09-Jul-2023 21:13325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update).zip30-May-2023 22:09325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3.zip15-May-2023 08:56325.0M
Firmware 16.1.0.zip26-Aug-2023 13:59325.5M
Firmware 2.0.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:20242.7M
Firmware 2.1.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:22242.7M
Firmware 2.2.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:24242.8M
Firmware 2.3.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:25242.8M
Firmware 3.0.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:27252.6M
Firmware 3.0.1.zip06-Sep-2020 20:29252.6M
Firmware 3.0.2.zip06-Sep-2020 20:30252.7M
Firmware 4.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:48291.6M
Firmware 4.0.1.zip06-Sep-2020 20:34270.9M
Firmware 4.1.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:35270.9M
Firmware 5.0.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:37260.0M
Firmware 5.0.1.zip06-Sep-2020 20:39260.1M
Firmware 5.0.2.zip06-Sep-2020 20:41260.1M
Firmware 5.1.0.zip06-Sep-2020 20:42261.3M
Firmware 6.0.0 (Pre-release).zip06-Sep-2020 20:44263.4M
Firmware 6.0.0 (Release).zip06-Sep-2020 20:46263.5M
Firmware 6.0.1.zip06-Sep-2020 20:48263.5M
Firmware 6.1.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:53263.7M
Firmware 6.2.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:50284.4M
Firmware 7.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:52266.3M
Firmware 7.0.1.zip08-Sep-2020 17:55266.3M
Firmware 8.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 17:57291.0M
Firmware 8.0.1.zip08-Sep-2020 17:59291.0M
Firmware 8.1.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:01291.0M
Firmware 8.1.1.zip08-Sep-2020 17:45284.9M
Firmware 9.0.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:03314.5M
Firmware 9.0.1.zip08-Sep-2020 18:05314.5M
Firmware 9.1.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:08314.6M
Firmware 9.2.0.zip08-Sep-2020 18:10314.6M

Download Yuzu Firmware (China) v16.1.0 and older

Firmware 10.1.1.zip06-Sep-2020 21:29314.2M
Firmware 10.2.0.zip16-Sep-2020 17:15314.2M
Firmware 11.0.0.zip09-Dec-2020 13:47316.8M
Firmware 11.0.1 (Rebootless Update).zip14-Apr-2021 15:27316.8M
Firmware 11.0.1.zip16-Dec-2020 18:13316.8M
Firmware 13.2.1.zip23-Jan-2022 15:09320.2M
Firmware 14.0.0.zip23-Mar-2022 21:23320.6M
Firmware 14.1.0.zip05-Apr-2022 18:25320.6M
Firmware 14.1.1.zip19-Apr-2022 17:37320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 2).zip15-Sep-2022 16:45320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 3).zip15-Sep-2022 16:47320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update).zip29-Jun-2022 17:37320.6M
Firmware 14.1.2.zip14-Jun-2022 17:20320.6M
Firmware 15.0.0.zip11-Oct-2022 11:59322.2M
Firmware 15.0.1 (Rebootless Update).zip10-Jan-2023 12:19322.2M
Firmware 15.0.1.zip10-Jan-2023 12:20322.2M
Firmware 16.0.0.zip27-Feb-2023 20:47325.0M
Firmware 16.0.1.zip23-Mar-2023 20:00325.0M
Firmware 16.0.2.zip21-Apr-2023 12:45325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update 2).zip09-Jul-2023 21:19325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3 (Rebootless Update).zip30-May-2023 22:04325.0M
Firmware 16.0.3.zip15-May-2023 09:07325.0M
Firmware 16.1.0.zip26-Aug-2023 14:05325.5M

How to Install Yuzu Firmware, Prod Keys & Title Keys (Video Tutorial)

How to Install Yuzu Firmware, Prod Keys & Title Keys (Step-by-Step Guide)

1. Download and Extract the Yuzu (Archive File) using any Zip file extractor tool to obtain Yuzu firmware files.

2. Open the Extracted Folder.

3. Select All Yuzu Firmware Files and choose the Copy option.

4. Close this tab.

5. Open Yuzu Emulator.

6. Click on the X (Close) button.

Note: If you see a message stating “Derivation Components Missing” and lists missing keys e.g.

Derivation Components Missing

A Encryption keys are missing.
Please follow the yuzu quickstart guide to get all your keys,
firmware and games.

(Missing fuses – Missing BOOTO – Missing BCPKG2-1-Normal-Main – Missing PRODINFO)

you can ignore it and proceed with the following steps:

7. Go to File and select the Open yuzu Folder option.

8. Open the nand folder.

9. Open the system folder.

10. Open the Contents folder.

11. Open the registered folder.

12. Paste All Yuzu Firmware Files here.

13. Download and Extract Yuzu Keys.rar (Archive File) using any RAR file extractor tool to obtain Yuzu prod.keys and title.keys files.

14. Open the extracted folder.

15. Open the Keys folder.

16. Select prod.keys and title.keys files and choose the Copy option.

17. Open Yuzu Emulator.

18. Click on the X (Close) button.

19. Go to File and select Open Yuzu Folder.

20. Open the keys folder.

21. Paste prod.keys and title.keys files here.

22. Close this tab.

23. Close Yuzu Emulator.

24. Open Yuzu Emulator again to verify if Firmware and Keys are working correctly on Yuzu Emulator.

25. Confirm that Yuzu Firmware and Yuzu Keys are functioning properly on Yuzu Emulator, and enjoy your gaming experience.

If you encounter any installation issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the minimum CPU requirements for Yuzu latest firmware?

To run the latest Yuzu firmware, you need any x86_64 processor with FMA instruction set support or an ARM64-v8a or later processor. The minimum recommendation is an Intel Core i5-4430, AMD Ryzen 3 1200, or Qualcomm Snapdragon 460, and it’s advisable to have at least 6 threads.

How can I update my Nintendo Switch firmware?

You can update your Nintendo Switch firmware both automatically and manually by following the provided instructions.

What is the update policy for Yuzu firmware?

Yuzu apps for iOS and Android will update automatically if you enable automatic updates on your device and meet the minimum system requirements for the latest Yuzu version, according to Customer Care.

What is the minimum dedicated graphics quality required for Yuzu?

For Linux, you’ll need an NVIDIA GeForce GT 1050 (4GB) or an AMD Radeon R7 240 (4GB). For Windows, a minimum of NVIDIA GeForce GT 1050 4GB or an AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB is required.

Do I need to update my Windows operating system as well?

You should have the current version of Windows 10; previous Windows 10 releases or other Windows versions are not supported. Windows 11 offers similar performance.

What is the cost of early access?

Early access to Yuzu requires a monthly fee of $5.

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