Strato Emulator

Experience the joy of running Nintendo Switch Games and Homebrew directly on your Android device!


As per the latest update, there are no Starto Emulator APK releases yet. As an alternative download Skyline Edge 69 from below.

The links will be updated as soon as the Strato Emulator APK is released by its developers.

Download Strato Emulator Latest Version

Strato Emulator is completely free to download Nintendo Switch Emulator and is only available for Android devices (Smartphones and Tablets). Below are the download links for Strato Emulator APK, and ROMs.

Version: N/A
Last Updated: Sept Size: N/A
Developer: Open Source (Developers)
License: Mozilla Public License 2.0
Languages: Multi Language

How to Download Strato Emulator APK

Strato Emulator is an open-source project based on Skyline Emulator .

You can download the APK file for the emulator from GitHub and if you are new to GitHub, follow the below steps.


1. Go to the Strato Emulator release page from the button above.

2. Here, click or tap on the Strato Emulator release that you want to download. For the latest one, open the first one.

3. On the next page, click or tap on the Strato Emulator APK to download it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, the Strato emulator itself is legal to use. Emulators are software tools that mimic the behavior of a specific system or console and are generally considered legal. However, downloading or distributing copyrighted game ROMs without proper authorization from the copyright owners is illegal in many countries. Ensure that you own the original game cartridges or obtain game ROMs through legal channels to comply with copyright laws.

The Strato emulator for Android requires a relatively modern Android device with sufficient processing power and RAM. While specific requirements may vary with emulator updates, generally, you'll need a smartphone or tablet with at least a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and Android OS version 7.0 or later for satisfactory performance.

Yes, the Strato emulator on Android supports external controllers. You can connect a compatible Bluetooth controller to your Android device to enhance your gaming experience. This feature allows you to enjoy Nintendo Switch games with the traditional console gaming feel, providing greater control and precision.

As with any emulator, not all Nintendo Switch games are immediately compatible with Strato. The emulator's compatibility list is continually expanding with each update, and the development team works to improve compatibility with various game titles. Before attempting to play a specific game, it's advisable to check the Strato website or community forums for the latest compatibility status.

As of now, the Strato emulator for Android did not offer built-in support for online multiplayer features. However, the there are chances if that to come in the near future. Please contribute to the official Strato website or community forums to stay updated on new features and improvements.

To optimize performance and ensure a smooth gaming experience, consider the following tips:

  • Close background apps to free up resources.
  • Enable performance mode or set your device to high-performance mode (if available).
  • Adjust the emulator's graphics settings to match your device's capabilities.
  • Keep your Android device updated with the latest firmware and security patches.

Remember that the performance of the Strato emulator may vary based on your Android device's specifications.

Save states are specific to the emulator and may not be transferable to other platforms or vice versa. To continue your progress on different devices, you may need to use traditional in-game save options within the original game.

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