Strato Emulator APK Download [Latest Version]

Are you a gaming aficionado looking to transport the captivating world of Nintendo Switch games onto your Android device? Look no further than the Strato emulator! Discover how you can play your favorite Nintendo Switch games on your Android smartphone or tablet using this groundbreaking emulator. Read on to dive into the realm of Strato and its intriguing features.

What is Strato Emulator?

Strato stands as an experimental emulator designed to replicate the functionalities of a Nintendo Switch™ system, all within the realm of ARMv8 Android™ devices. Operating under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, Strato opens the doors to an immersive Nintendo Switch gaming experience on your Android device.

Experience Nintendo Switch Gaming on Android

With the Strato emulator, the boundaries of gaming are expanded as you gain the ability to indulge in Nintendo Switch games, all from the convenience of your Android device. Say goodbye to limitations and savor the thrill of your favorite games on the go.

Experience the Boundless Possibilities of Strato Emulator

Unlock Nintendo Switch Gaming on Android

Strato emulator shatters boundaries, allowing you to enjoy Nintendo Switch games anytime, anywhere.

Engage in Innovative Exploration

As an experimental emulator, Strato represents an exciting frontier in the world of gaming.

Join the Strato Community

Collaborate, converse, and share your enthusiasm with fellow gamers on the Strato Discord server.

Embrace the Future

Strato Emulator’s evolution marks a new era in mobile gaming, bridging the gap between consoles and handheld devices.

Download Strato Emulator APK Now

Embark on your journey into Nintendo Switch gaming on Android by downloading the latest Strato emulator APK for your devices.

Disclaimer: Strato Emulator is experimental and under continuous development. Stay connected with the Strato community for updates, insights, and more exciting developments!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Origin of Strato?

Under Lynx’s visionary leadership, Strato emerges as the Android successor to the Skyline switch emulator.

Are Mark and Billy Involved in Strato’s Development?

No, while they might offer occasional insights, active development of Strato is not undertaken by Mark and Billy.

Who Heads Strato’s Development?

Lynx assumes the role of the lead developer steering Strato’s evolution.

The Fate of Skyline Server?

Skyline emulator undergoes transformation toward a novel project enabling PC video games to be enjoyed on Android devices.

Does Strato Emulator Have a Patreon Presence?

While not immediately, Strato Emulator is expected to establish a Patreon presence in due course.

Is Strato Emulator Open-Source?

Indeed, Strato Emulator is an open-source endeavor. Its repository can be explored at and its official site is

Can We Anticipate the Next Release Date?

No specific release dates are available, and it’s kindly requested not to inquire about ETA. Rest assured, new builds will be launched when they are thoroughly prepared.

Is There a Strato Emulator Discord Server?

Absolutely, the Strato Emulator community is united on their Discord server:

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  1. What actual resolution and FPS for Strato emulator for every Nintendo Switch games on Strato emulator?

  2. What actual resolution and FPS for Strato emulator for every Nintendo Switch games on Strato emulator?

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